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The world is changing

Have you ever heard of Industry 4.0? Of course you have: the industry is changing, the digital revolution transformed our life and made society smarter. The manufacturing industry needs to participate in this revolution due to the several challenges of the last years. A world-wide marketplace, respect for the environment and the necessity to reduce the Time-to-Market require a new and digital approach for the companies. Italy is the second manufacturing power in Europe, but it ranks 25th out of 28 in the EU as for industry digitalization. OsservatorioDigitalePmi.itanalyzed the reason for this delay, listed below.

36,4 %

Lack of internal competence.

31 %

Digital underdevelopment of the partners.

29,7 %

Too high investment costs.

2,9 %

Other reasons.

Why Allbora?

During these years many digital solutions have been developed for individuals. These innovations have made our life simpler – think, for example, of the home banking. But few digital solutions have been proposed for the world of industry, and even today for most companies the digital market represents a secondary and often overlooked way to do business. Several problems characterize the daily digital activities of the two main stakeholders of the industrial world: supplier and client.


Allbora presentation video

A video can be more significant than thousand of words...

Amazing Features

We are aimed to create a collaborative platform to help companies using digital technologies to improve their efficency. Our solution makes business easier facilitating relationships between customer and seller and helping users to find, case by case, the optimal techical solution for a certain problem. Four points rule the behavior of our platform:


Democratic Network

Give to everyone the same visibility


Smart Connect

Improved and more efficient way to communicate


Focus on skills

Social user experience


Artificial Intelligence

A.I. technology to increase business opportunity

Team Members

The Allbora team is multi-disciplinar and composed by high-qualified people who experience on a daily basis the harsh reality of the industry..

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